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Futurama – Theme

Nicolas Denis



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F# F# B B E E A A F# F# B B E E A A Ab
F# F# B Bb E E A Ab F# F# B Bb C# C# A A Ab Ab

Futurama Theme tabulatúra vo formáte pre program Guitar Pro. Stáhnout!

Futurama – Xmas song z dielu A tale of two santa´s

Otabované Stephenom Reidom

C           F
We are free and fairly sober, with so many toys to build

       C      F
The machines are kinda tricky, probly someone will be killed

	G   Am    F      C
But we gladly work for nothing, which is good because we don't intend to pay

C  G       F     C          G F C
The elves are back to work today, hooray!

C            F
We have just a couple hours to make several billion gifts,

    C      F
and the labour isn't easy, and you'll all work triple shifts

   G     Am   F    C
You can make the job go quicker if you turn up the controls to super speed

       C      G        F   C         G F C
It's back to work on Xmas eve, hooray!

     D          A         G
And though you're cold, and sore, and ugly,

       C  A     D
Your pride will mask the pain

	G      A     Fm  C
Let my happy smile warm your hearts

     G  A    D
there's a toy lodged in my brain

   C  F       C       F   C          F
We are getting awfuly tired, and we can't work any faster, and we're very very sorry,

    C     F    G               Am
Why you selfish little bastards, do you want the kids to think

              F                          G
that santas just a crummy empty handed jerk?

         F                C     G F C
Then shut your yaps and back to work

         C           F
Now its very nearly Xmas and we've done the best we could,

       C    F       C         F
These toy soldiers are poorly painted, and they're made from inferior wood

    G     Am  F       C
I should give you all a beating but I really have to fly

	G     Am        F        C
If I weren't stuck here frozen I'd harpoon you in the eye

   G     Am  F   C
Now it's back into our tennaments to drown ourselves in rye

     G         Am  C     F
You did the best you could I guess and some of these gorillas are okay

      C   G  F    C    G F C
The elves have rescued Xmas day, hooray!

C  = 032010
F  = 133211
G  = 320033
Am = 002210
D  = XX0232
A  = 002220

Som si celkom istý, že toto sú všetky akordy v celej piesni.

Stephen Reid: Toto je melodia z dielu Sting, ktorú ste mohli počuť počas Leeliných a Fryových milostných scén.

Na túto melodiu musíte dať klepec na šiesty pražec.

E -----------------------6-----6---
B -----7-----6h7--7--9-----9-----7
G --6-----6------------------------
D ---------------------------------
A ---------------------------------
E ---------------------------------

Bee happy pieseň z dielu The Sting

Stephen Reid

C                                 Dm                              F   G     C
The landlord say your rent is late you may have to litigate don't worry bee happy

C                                    Dm
Ain't got not cash ain't got no style ladies vomit when I smile

         F             G                   C
But does Zoidberg worry pheh you wish bee happy

          F         G         C
Don't worry now Amy okay I'm happy

                          F   G      C
Take us home Bender don't worry bee happy!

Pretty woman – The cyberhouse rules

Stephen Reid

Toto nie je celý song, ale iba časť, ktorá sa objavila v seriáli

E ---------------
B ---------------
G ---------------
D --------------0
A -----------2---
E --0--0--4------

E ------------------------
B ------------------------
G ------------------------
D --------------0--4--2--0
A -----------2------------
E --0--0--4---------------

A    002220
F#m  244222
D    XX0232
E7   020100
Riff1 (X2)
Riff2 (X4)
       A              F#m                     A                   F#m
Pretty Woman, walking down the street, Pretty Woman, the kind i'd like to meet

       D                E7
Pretty Woman, I don't believe you, you're not the truth, no-one could look as
good as you.

Riff2 (X5)    A  A
Oh, Oh Pretty Woman!

Hlavná melodia z dielu Parasites Lost keď hral Fry na holofoner

Stephen Reid

E ------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------------------------|
G -----------------------------10-12-10-----|
D --/12~-/(14p12)--------12-14----------14--|
A ------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------|

E ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
B ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
G -----10-14-10----10-/15-14-12-14--10----10-12-10-/13-12-10----10--14-|
D --12----------12---------------------12--------------------14--------|
A ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
E ----------------------(-----------------)----------------------------|
B ----------------------(-----------------)----------------------------|
G --10--15--12--14--12--(15-14-12-------10)----------------------------|
D ----------------------(---------10-12---)----------------------------|
A ----------------------(-----------------)----------------------------|
E ----------------------(-----------------)----------------------------|

Futurama Theme – ďalší tab

tentokrát od Andie Similona

 E -------------------------------------------------------------------------
 B -------------------------------------------------------------------------
 G ----7-7-------------7-7-------------7-7-6-----5-5-4-----7-6-9-9-5-5-4-4--
 D 7-7-7-7-5-5-7-7-7-7-7-7-5-5-7-7-7-7-7-7-6-5-5-5-5-4-7-7-7-6-9-9-5-5-4-4--
 A 7-7-5-5-5-5-7-7-7-7-5-5-5-5-7-7-7-7-5-5-4-5-5-3-3-2-7-7-5-4-7-7-3-3-2-2--
 E 5-5-----3-3-5-5-5-5-----3-3-5-5-5-5-------3-3-------5-5------------------

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